Help and Support available

As you are aware supermarkets are slightly overwhelmed regarding online shopping at the moment. They are working on it and employing more staff to cope so hopefully it will be easier in the coming days or weeks.
In the meantime, a BCP Council call centre has recently opened specifically in response to the Covid 19 response.  The call centre is open to the public between 8am and 8pm 7 days a week and will enable anyone in the community who is vulnerable and needs support to make contact with them and inform them of their requirements. Those individuals who do not fall into the extremely vulnerable group identified by the NHS will be referred to the Community Resilience team. 
They have 1700 registered people / service providers who have volunteered for various tasks (including shopping) to support the community during this period. They are currently working through the safeguarding processes. The Helpline number is;  0300-123-7052.  The call centre which will be operated by Council officers can then match the service / volunteer to the individual’s needs.