Borthwick Solves Problem

Earlier this year Councillor Derek Borthwick working along side local residents, was able to stop the cutting up of large and heavy tree trucks which had been taken down throughout the Borough being transported to Muscliff.  This caused excessive noise pollution emanating from the wood chipping's machine which has now been removed.  This has also resulted in the reduction of heavy lorries transporting these trees through Throop & Muscliff.

This work is now being carried out at another site in the Borough.


Councillor Derek Borthwick has also had a height restriction barrier erected in the entrance to Granby Road Car Park

In an endeavour to stop the travellers moving in to this car park.


Cllr Derek Borthwick was also quick to notify residents living close to Setly Park of the travellers invasion. New security measures are now in place.


Residents will have noticed that new lights installed by the Council bringing a saving of £750,000 of council tax payers money and Councillor Borthwick is now driving around the ward to ensure that once installed the new LED lights are working.


Please advises Derek on any pot holes, or any other problems in your area