Car production is at its highest level since 2008

With three cars built every minute, car production in the UK is at its highest level since 2008.SHARE this post to let people know that our long-term economic plan is working.

Parliamentary Tour

We would like to thank Tobias for sponsoring the BECA tour of the Houses of Parliament. Our tour guide really knew her history and it was fasinating to see the ins and outs of Parliament.

Upcoming BECA Events

New events are now listed on the website for up until Christmas - more will be added as and when we organise them, please keep an eye on the website for more news! You can find details by clicking on the 'events' tab at the top of the page.For additional information on any of the events listed, please ring the office on 01202 397047, or email

A budget for working people

Our Summer Budget delivers security for working people - and delivers on the promises upon which we were elected: Growing the economy and getting the national finances under control with the national

A Budget that delivers security for Britain

We're strengthening the nation’s defences, and committing to meet the NATO pledge to spend 2 per cent of our national income on defence – not just this year, but every year of this decade.SHARE this important post

We're cutting taxes for working people

We're supporting working people with lower taxes.From next year you will be able to earn £11,000 before paying any income tax at all, boosting the typical taxpayers' wages by £80 in total.

A new British Bill of Rights

We'll restore common sense to our legal system by scrapping the Human Rights Act and introducing a new British Bill of Rights.Share now to let your friends and family know

Unemployment falling and wages rising

The latest employment figures from the ONS show wages are rising, unemployment is falling - and our plan is delivering more security for hardworking families across Britain.