Perk up the Park! (Moordown)

We would like to revamp Moordown Recreation Ground. Over the years we have had play equipment replaced, added to and provided support to groups who use the park. We think its time to go beyond that and create a whole new scheme that delivers more than a few bits of play equipment; making new spaces for everyone to enjoy. Somewhere to relax, play, picnic and with new planting, that welcomes everyone. Some of you are keen to get involved in this project. A 'Friends of Moordown Rec' would be a constituend group made up of residents or ‘Friends’ passionate about looking after their local park or green space. Friends groups work in partnership with the Council to enhance the green space, to meet the needs of their local community. The friends group will contribute to the parks management, help shape the future improvements and raise funds; accessing grants and lottery money for the benefit of the park. Your councillors will provide support to the group but it is resident led.

An important first step is to collect local views about the current park and what ideas you have for the future. We would like to campaign for support from our parks department to do this by running an interactive consultation where residents can easily add their views and ideas. Will you join us in that campaign? 

Perk Up the Park! (Moordown)

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